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What we believe as a church is commonly known as church doctrine. Our doctrine is the foundation by which we serve God.


Become a member at Bridge Community Church

Why Membership?
God makes us a part of his larger family when we choose to place all of our faith in Jesus and surrender our life to what He has asked of us in the Bible. God’s plan for his church is that we would belong to a local covenant community of faith. This is for our own protection and maturation, and for the good of others. This means we are a part of a local body and live in community with them, agreeing to live by certain established godly principles and standards. Membership doesn’t save us. But it enables us to grow and become spiritually mature in Christ. 
How do I become a member? 

There are four steps we’ve identified as necessary for membership at Bridge Community Church:

1. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Is there a point in your life when you turned away from your sin in repentance and began a new life in obedience to Christ?

2. Meet with a pastor or elder. This will be a time to share with one of our leaders your journey to faith in Jesus Christ, and to discuss publicly professing that faith in Jesus through obedience in Believer's Baptism. 

3. Attend our Starting Point class. In this Sunday afternoon class, you’ll get an inside look at who we are, what we believe, and our vision for the future. This is also a great time to ask questions of our pastors/elders and leaders. We have a class once every quarter.

4. Complete our Membership Covenant. After you sign the covenant, one of our leaders will be in touch with you about the area of ministry in which you have committed to serve. Click here to see what it means to be a covenant member of Bridge Community Church.

Do you have other questions about this process? Email us at

Already a Member?
Already a member of Bridge Community Church? Talk to one of our pastors/elders or ministry directors to find out how you can get plugged in and be a part of the great things happening in our church and in the community.
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