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Hello! We are excited that you are interested in doing an internship with Bridge Community Church! Our staff loves getting to spend time investing in our interns and I truly believe this will be an incredible opportunity for you as you learn and serve alongside us. Before graduating college and moving to New York City, I had the privilege to intern with church plants here. Those summers were experiences that I will never forget because they shaped me into who I am today. Not only did those internship opportunities spur my passion for church planting, they also taught me how to live out my faith on a daily basis to the lost people around me. Whether you are considering full time missions or ministry or you will be pursuing a career as a business person, teacher, doctor, etc, cities like NYC need believers to live out their faith as an obedient followers of Jesus. I look forward to getting to talk with you more!   - Savannah Hutto


Step 1. Read our Internship Expectations, which can be found [HERE]

Step 2. Fill out our Internship Application, which can be found [HERE]

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