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This internship with Bridge Community Church will provide you with the opportunity to experience firsthand what it is like to do ministry in a post-Christian and diverse urban context. By fully immersing yourself into this context, you will learn some of the realities of the challenges and rewards of church planting. 


When starting any type of job or internship, it is important to know on the front end what will be expected of you so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not the job/internship is right for you. Please read through the following expectations:


Our leadership team will expect you to be actively involved in the life of Bridge Community Church. 

This expectation will require you to be present during the Sunday worship service, set up and tear down of the service, a weekly community groups, and all scheduled outreach events. We will also expect you to be actively involved in serving in the church. Opportunities to serve can look different for each intern and will be discussed further in the future. This will also include getting to know the congregation at Bridge Community.


Our leadership team will expect you to be a self-starter.

This will be essential for the internship. While you will be with a small group of interns, our leadership team will not give you specific tasks to do each day. After equipping you with information about your area of the city and suggestions/resources on how to best engage with people around you, you will create your own schedule to be intentional with your time. 


Our leadership team will expect you to be willing to start conversations and relationships with strangers. 

One of the most exciting things about having interns, as well as short term mission teams, is they allow us to help expand our footprint in our community. As a church family, we have limited spheres of influences and time in our day. When we add more people to our team, who go out on behalf of Bridge Community Church, we are able to meet more people. These relationships are always started by being willing to be intentional and talk to someone new. 


Our leadership team will expect you to be flexible. 

Life in New York City is fast-paced and constantly shifting. Therefore everyone must be willing to be flexible as plans change. 


Our leadership team will expect you to be teachable. 

It does not matter how many years we have been doing ministry, there are always more things to learn. Prior missions and ministry experiences are certainly helpful, but any time you begin to do new ministry in a new context, there is a lot to learn! 


Our leadership team will expect you to send weekly accountability emails. 

Every week our leadership team sends accountability emails that document how much time we spend out in our community, who we connected with throughout the week, and who we are disciplining. The purpose of the emails are not be graded on but rather as a means of holding each other accountable. As an intern, you will also be required to send in these accountability emails. 


Our leadership team will expect you to be able to physically “keep up” with the City. 

Life in New York City requires a lot of walking and going up and down stairs. 

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