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We will resume on January, 5, 2020.

Happy New Year!

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Home Bible Study

December 29, 2019

In 2020 we will be looking at the life of Jesus as we see it in the Gospel of Luke. As we look to live lives that look more like Jesus, we will quickly realize that this is something that we can not do in our own strength or ability. It is only with a humble spirit and in complete dependence on the Lord that we will find victory in 2020.


In this video we dive into 2 Peter 1:3-11 and look at what we have in Christ, how it will impact our life and the way we live, and ultimately the guarantee that we have for all eternity with the evidence in our life that we have been transformed by Christ.


Before watching the video, you, your family, or your small group are encouraged to read 2 Peter 1:3-11 first. After watching the video, ask and take some time to talk about what stood out to you from the 2 Peter. If you need some direction, here are some questions you could ask:


1. How can learning more about the Lord in the Bible encourage and lead us to live lives that look more like Jesus?

2. As you think about Romans 6:17-18, what does it mean to you to know that in Christ we are no longer slaves to sin but rather slaves to righteousness?

3. Why do you think when we try harder in our own strength we might find temporary success but ultimately we always fail?

4. Why is taking time reading the Bible and talking with the Lord in prayer absolutely essential to living a life that reflects Jesus and glorifies God?


Finally, take some time to pray for each other as we look to 2020. Pray that God would give each us the ability to follow Jesus more and trust ourselves less so that God will be glorified through us!


Scripture references in the video: 

2 Peter 1:3-11

Romans 6:17-18

Ephesians 2:8-9

Hebrews 12:2


We are a church that has been serving the Queensboro Plaza area since 2017. We currently have Community Groups (think groups that meet in homes to study the Bible, do awesome things in and around NYC, and often enjoy a meal together) and have been meeting weekly for worship since March of 2019. We have a desire to bridge the diverse community here and create a safe place to connect people from all walks of life. We believe this is possible by looking to the example of how Jesus lived his life and spent time with everyone regardless of how they chose to live their life or the mistakes they had made in the past.

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