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Home Worship - April 19, 2020

This week we will be looking at Matthew 6:25-34 with an emphasis on Matthew chapter 6 verse 33. Make sure to read Matthew 5-7 on your own time for further study and encouragement. 


This week's home worship video will have a time of prayer where there will be 4 prayer prompts that come up and will last for 2 minutes each at which time there will be a chime to indicate a new prayer point is coming up.


Also, make sure you watch till the end to catch the announcements for a couple of ways we want to challenge you to continue faithfully in your walk with the Lord and for exciting news of a special celebration for our church family!



If you or your family would like some songs to worship to and sing along with, we have created a playlist with youtube links to lyric videos:

  1. One Thing Remains

  2. 10,000 Reasons

  3. Jesus, You Alone

  4. O Come to the Altar


Suggested Questions for discussion:

  1. What truths from Matthew 6:25-34 encouraged you the most today? Why?

  2. What are some of the storms of life that seem to consistently cause you to take your eyes off of Jesus? 

  3. Share two to three ways you believe you can grow in your faith and trust of the Lord during the storms that will come in your life.



Below is a list of scripture references from the video:


Jesus Storybook Bible read by Ms. Savannah

"Going Home" on p. 318



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