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Bridge Community Church is now closed.


It is with a mixture of great sadness and joy that we announce Bridge Community Church is officially and permanently closed as of December 4, 2022. Despite our young church permanently closing it's doors, we are thankful for all that God has done and for the lives that have been eternally changed. We are also humbled for the way the community around embraced us and allowed us to serve them.


Moving forward, Expansion Church NYC will begin using the space and offering worship and service opportunities on December 11, 2022. For other worship opportunities and church connections within the same Network that Bridge Community Church was a part of, check out Queens Church, ROOTS NYC Church, New City Church NYC, or ConnectionNYC.


Thank you again for all that made Bridge a family and a home for the last four years.


To God be the Glory!


While the church is in the process of closing its doors and helping each and every family transition to this next season in a healthy way, there are still many expenses involved. Among those expenses are the need to zero out accounts and help both the Hill Family and Savannah Hutto transition to this next season of life. If you would like to help Bridge Community Church close out this chapter in a healthy way, please click the link below to make a one time gift or a recurring gift till June 2023.


Thank you in advance for any way in which you can help!

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